Help Save a Life

There is no paid, professional rescue team for Wolfe County or the Red River Gorge. Search and rescue operations are conducted by local folks who volunteer their time to rigorously train and conduct our dangerous rescue missions.

We are happy to put on our gear and go out in the wee hours under horrible weather conditions to locate, treat, and transport victims to a place of safety. We have successfully performed many rescue missions fulfilling our motto: “So others may live”.

These dedicated, well-trained volunteers are only part of the picture, however. We need a lot of highly specialized, expensive gear to conduct our life-saving rescues.

And that is where YOU can help by giving a small donation.

A few dollars can really go a long way toward buying that new piece of gear that makes all the difference in saving someone’s life. We use a surprisingly large amount of medical supplies and are constantly needing to replenish. Our needs are numerous and funding is insufficient.

We greatly appreciate anything you can do to help make our next mission a success!

Or you can send a check. Please make checks payable to: Wolfe County Search & Rescue Team Wolfe County SART PO Box 822Campton, Ky. 41301