Haystack Rescue 2013

On December 14th 2013 Wolfe County Search and Rescue was dispatched at 9:30am to Haystack Rock for a fallen camper.

The subject was camping on top of Haystack Rock overlook with a friend and was taking a pictures of the Red River Gorge December landscape when he slipped on fresh ice close to the edge of the cliff, resulting in a 60ft fall to a ledge.  The Wolfe County hasty team arrived and lowered a paramedic to the injured camper to assess his injuries. The Wolfe County team arrived 30 minutes later and setup the high angle systems to lower another paramedic and gear necessary to package the fallen camper.

After 2 hours working on the ledge, Wolfe County Paramedics stabilized and packaged the subject then he was raised and transported to the parking lot by members of the Wolfe County, Menifee County, Powell County and Morgan County Search and Rescue teams. This was an excellent example of the multi jurisdictional cooperation in the Red River Gorge area.