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Items required for all Team Members: copy of WCSART SOG booklet;

FRS radio, tuned to Channel 5; 2 headlamps; spare batteries for headlamps and radio; rain gear;

small first aid kit; face mask for rescue breathing (for WFA or WFR certified Team Members only);

maps of Wolfe County and the Red River Gorge; orienteering compass; whistle; folding knife; 3 pairs of vinyl gloves; bandana;

1 pair of leather gloves, 10 feet of duct tape; 3 light sticks; matches; 4 candles, 1 bottle water purification tablets,

2 plastic bag waste basket liners; bag with 25 feet of 8 mm nylon accessory cord; roll of athletic tape; toilet/tissue paper;

2 packages of disinfectant wipes; space blanket: 1 sharpie marker, 1 roll of orange ribbon;

64 ounces of water - twice this much for long operations in high temperatures (84°F +); and 2 energy bars or jells.

Additional items to those listed above are required for Team Members who are qualified in rigging technical rope systems

for High and Low Angle rescues : UIAA-approved harness and helmet; Personal tether rope and set of Purcell prusiks.